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Karlova Studanka is a modern and uniquely reconstructed spa resort located in the beautiful nature of the Jeseniky Mountains. The first mentions of spas date back to the 18th century. The spa was founded by the youngest son of Maria Theresa, Maxmilian Franz in 1780. Spa treatment has been under medical supervision since 1785. The spa resort got its present name of Karlova Studanka in 1803 after the most famous Habsburg commander Charles (Karel) who was the first of the European defenders to beat Napoleon at Aspern in 1809.

studankaThanks to its unique location and healing climate, Karlova Studanka is an ideal place for treatment of patients with disease of the air passages. The stay is ideal especially for persons with chronic inflammation of the throat, sinuses, vocal chords, nose, bronchi, lungs and patients with bronchial asthma. The spa is also suitable for treatment of oncologic diseases (upon completion of basic treatment), for treatment of hypertension and vasculopathy. Simultaneously, accompanying diseases of the locomotive organs are also cured here – problems with joints and the spine.

The patients and clients are cared for by a dedicated team of specialists

in the field of balneology, physiatry and physiotherapy, internal diseases, gastroenterology, haematology and surgery. Attested physicians, physiotherapists, nurses and laboratory technicians are able to provide for diagnostics and superior spa care with a wide range of regeneration and curative procedures that make use of natural medicinal resources but also of popular massages, lymphatic drainage and also of new physiatric and physiotherapeutic methods.


There is a salt cave available, Vacu Well, Vibrosauna and a swimming pool with salt water with the temperature between 32°C and 34°C, many hydrotherapeutic installations embedded in walls and the bottom of the pool or on underwater couches and benches, whirlpools, and a Finish sauna, tepidarium and interesting and unusual cooling methods.

Either full meals or a special diet are part of the complex spa care and 6 – 7 meal choices are prepared.

Mineral water and natural carbon dioxide obtained from the depth of 127 m are among the natural medicinal resources.

Natural mineral water has a high content of carbonic acid and metasilicic acid. It is used for preparation of carbon baths and peat packs, and for inhalation and drinking. There is a unique therapeutic climate.

Accommodation for spa guests is available in single or double bedrooms in 7 spa therapeutic houses. All apartments have first-class equipment and access to an apartment sanitary facility (from the anteroom). The apartments are equipped with a TV set with satellite channels and a telephone. Internet connection in the apartments is accomplished via a telephone line, in some apartments though the data network. In addition, the internet is available for free in a café of the Summer Spa.

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